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When I started lobbying, I noticed that the best ‘lobbyists’ are those who not only knew the right people, but more importantly, those who understand what they are advocating for. However, too often, lobbyists pretend to be experts in almost everything, but in truth, know just enough to be dangerous. 

Pavluchuk & Associates is based around the philosophy that to be the most effective advocates, we have to not only know the right people, but also be able to understand the policies we are talking about so that we can earn the trust and respect of those we are reaching out to.

Over the past fifteen years, I have honed my craft and have spent as much time learning about policy as I have advocating for it. I have also made it a point to associate myself with those in the business who have done the same. I intentionally keep my staff small and have chosen to work with a network of lobbyists and policy experts whose trust and respect I have earned and who I respect.  It is this philosophy that has helped me earn the respect of Members of Congress and key committee staff and it is directly responsible for the results I have achieved for my clients.  

Jason Pavluchuk

Pavluchuk & Associates

Jason Pavluchuk has been providing government relations services for over fifteen years. After a series of jobs in the campaign circles and after conducting a number of studies on legislative tactics, Jason joined the lobbying firm Government Relations Inc. (GRI).

There Jason worked for nearly ten years representing a number of associations, private sector companies, and public sector agencies. In 2008, in a mutual decision, Jason broke off from GRI and started Pavluchuk & Associates, bringing many clients with him.

Jason's father Dave was a civil engineer for Peter Kiewit, Inc.  Dave's hard work in the field instilled a passion for the transportation industry in Jason.  Jason received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the George Washington University.  He currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children.

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